Athletes: Don’t Be a Comfort Seeker!

Definition: A comfort seeker is an athlete/player who would rather be guided/coached by someone who tells them what they WANT to hear, instead of what they NEED to hear.

They fear hard work. They fear the truth. They seek the ‘easy’ coaches, and avoid the ones who will challenge them and push them to do better.

It’s also easy to tell who the comfort seekers are. They’re the ones who make excuses and complain when you demand excellence from them. They play the victim. They will blame and often keep changing coaches. You will also hear them go on about how unfair life is. They will complain about the results they didn’t get – The same ones they didn’t work hard enough for!

Athletes, a few words of advice here:

Find a coach who tells you the truth and tells you what you NEED to hear. Build some grit, learn how to accept the hard criticism and get yourself disciplined. Stop seeking ‘easy’.

Stop looking for the ‘short cuts’. The world is full of ‘Yes people’. Avoid them! Because they won’t get you to where you want to go.

If your coach is hard (but fair) on you – then stick with it. Lucky you! – It means they actually care about you.

Believe me, you will thank them one day! These people don’t come around very often in life. Endure it, build some grit.

Stop looking for the next comfort seeker coach! – Man up (or woman up!)

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Athletes: Don’t Be a Comfort Seeker! — 1 Comment

  1. 👌…true lines..eye opener for athletes who criticise coaches for their failures…