Sport Science Can Increase Serve Speed

The article by Matt Kuzdub. Coaches, players, parents…even your aunt Judie know the importance of the serve in today’s modern game. More specifically, the first serve. The first serve is so critical that the top 10 servers on the ATP win … Continue reading

Tennis is NOT 80 % mental

This post was written by Adam Blicher, international award winning tennis coach. I often hear that the mental aspect is the most important performance parameter within tennis. Some people even go the extent of saying that the mental aspect of tennis … Continue reading

Top Tennis Gadgets to Improve Your Game

Gadgets are permeating every sector and tennis is no different. We’re not talking gadgets simply for gadget’s sake. Rather, pieces of tech which can help you to improve your performance. Just as with any other process, recording stats, finding trends … Continue reading

Use Your Mind to Improve Your Tennis Game

Psychology plays an important role in tennis and pretty much every other sport. It takes not only physical but a lot of mental effort to reach your pinnacle performance level. Sport psychology is a science, well researched and established. It … Continue reading

Is Novak Djokovic Losing his Game?

The last Grand Slam of the year is here – and even though Novak Djokovic may still be a favourite for many fans and professionals alike, it is impossible to deny that lately we have not been seeing the same … Continue reading