Interview with Oscar Wegner, creator of Modern Tennis Methodology

Here is an interview with Oscar Wegner. Oscar is a tennis coach and pre-open-era tour player, author and creator of Modern Tennis Methodology, a tennis-teaching system which he began developing in 1968. First of all, I would like to thank … Continue reading

Interview with Johan Kriek, director and owner of Johan Kriek Tennis Academy

I continue to publish interviews with famous coaches and players. I hope, you like it. Here is my interview with Johan Kriek,  two-times Australian Open champion and former # 7 tennis player in the world. Q.:  You have huge experience … Continue reading

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet

I made this interview with Bruce Levine. Bruce is the tennis racquet technical advisor for Tennis Magazine. Bruce, you have huge experience with tennis racquet testing and tennis string testing. Why and when did you start to do that? I … Continue reading

Talking to a tennis coach

Yesterday I was talking to a tennis coach. He was watching his students play and simultaneously was answering my questions. I found them interesting and decided to share some his answers with you. Q.: Why dozens tennis academies do not … Continue reading

Discussion of the post “How much should a junior tennis player train?”

I got a lot of replies on that post and would like to comment on some ones. Alex Y. tennis professional: “It depends also on age and what are they training for. There is not one define answer. It also … Continue reading