An Open Letter to USTA! Three Easy Things to Improve American Tennis

An open letter to David A. Haggerty, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of USTA and other USTA executives. Yesterday, I was returning to Miami from a week long business trip to Asia. Usually, one has plenty of time … Continue reading

Why Does the USTA Expect to Create a Number One Player?

It seems every week we read something about the USTA that is bad or some article published by either the WSJ or the NYT that assures or reaffirms the demise of American tennis. As an avid tennis fan, father of … Continue reading

A Better Way to Keep Score

A Better Way to Keep Score Last month, I had the pleasure of learning first hand from a 30 year veteran tennis coach from Spain, Oscar Borras. He leads the new wave of Spanish tennis coaches who are trying to … Continue reading

Why I Want My Kid to Lose in Tennis

Why I want my kid to lose in tennis A couple of months ago, a fellow parent and I were sitting at a final in a 12U tennis tournament In Boca Raton, Florida. As the match started and was getting … Continue reading

What Do Spanish Tennis Players Have that We Don’t?

This weekend as we see the Madrid Open unfold before Rome and Roland Garros, one has to wonder what is it about the Spanish tennis players that makes them have a representative in each of the quarters match-up? four out … Continue reading