Advice for Tennis Parents

Advice for Tennis Parents Junior tennis players are influenced by the actions, opportunities and feedback received from their parents. It is sometimes difficult for tennis parents to know what and how they should communicate with their child to best support … Continue reading

Getting better

Getting better One of my greatest challenges is getting players to play more. It goes without saying that the more someone plays, then the better they’ll get but there are quite a few challenges to overcome to enable the players … Continue reading

Being Great

What makes someone better than someone else is a huge subject that has endless possibilities and factors that if arranged in a certain combination or occurrence can produce amazing results. When we talk about the tennis greats from the past … Continue reading

Seeing Is Believing or Importance of Visual Coordination

I recently attended a conference and one of the topics was on Visual Coordination by a lady called Silvina Jozami at the Elite Tennis Academy in Spain. This particular topic is fascinating and the reaction of the people within the … Continue reading

How to Create a Perfect Tennis Club

Participation, participation, participation! We now have a new focus for British Tennis…Participation! Although I laugh when making that statement as it seems obvious that this is something a governing body should be doing but it is a serious direction that … Continue reading