Seeing Is Believing or Importance of Visual Coordination

I recently attended a conference and one of the topics was on Visual Coordination by a lady called Silvina Jozami at the Elite Tennis Academy in Spain. This particular topic is fascinating and the reaction of the people within the … Continue reading

How to Create a Perfect Tennis Club

Participation, participation, participation! We now have a new focus for British Tennis…Participation! Although I laugh when making that statement as it seems obvious that this is something a governing body should be doing but it is a serious direction that … Continue reading

When Is the Time to Go Full Time for Tennis Players?

I was inspired to write this article after a conversation with a tennis parent last month who was asking about the pathway of a player and when is the best time for a junior to play full time. I have … Continue reading

The Difference Between the Best Tennis Players and Other Players

What is the difference between the top National                 tennis players and those who are knocking around the top of the county? Having attended the County Cup National Finals a few weeks ago, … Continue reading

The Left Handed Tennis Players

Being left handed tennis players has many advantages and statistics from the United States Tennis Association have shown that roughly 10 percent of players in the world are left-handed. Over the years there have been many lefties that have dominated … Continue reading