How to Study Tennis

How to Study Tennis As I have discussed in previous articles, there is a lack of knowledge with American tennis players at all levels, as to how well they understand the game and how well they understand their own game. … Continue reading

Playing Consolation

Playing Consolation One of the most disappointing scenarios for a junior tennis player is to lose a tough match and then be fed into the consolation draw. When I started my coaching career in 2010, I was surprised at how … Continue reading

Should All Tennis Players Be Trained the Same?

Should All Tennis Players Be Trained the Same? How many times do you watch junior tennis players train and all the players are working on the same shot, technique, or tactic? How can a person who is 6′ 4” be … Continue reading

Who will win French Open 2015?

Who will win French Open 2015? There are not going to be any major surprises in my Roland Garros- the 2015 French Open predictions. On the men’s side, Novak Djokovic seems to be the clear cut favorite as Rafael Nadal … Continue reading

Understanding the Game of Tennis

All too often while watching junior or collegiate tennis players play matches, it is very difficult to figure out what is trying to be accomplished on the court in a tournament or collegiate match. The best tennis players know exactly … Continue reading