The Business Case for USTA to Keep the Game from Dying

Over the past few years I had experienced junior tennis in the Florida section with great enthusiasm. As the year progress in this wonderful sport and as we see fewer players that once played with us. I started to look into why we were no longer seeing our friends or why did they quit? I started to ask more questions and then decided to study the data more carefully.

My conclusion which I shared in an article The data in American tennis tell the story last month explains how under the numbers hide the real problem in American tennis and how the organization entrusted in growing the game is in fact slowly contributing to its death.

After writing the article I received hundreds of emails thanking me for writing the article. So, I then felt compelled to help the USTA without being asked to explain what the business issues are. So, last night, I woke up at 3 am and decided to write what needs to be said. Below are two video links:



One is a long version and one is a short version. It is the presentation that I wish to make to the board of the USTA so they can listen to what I as a parent, a business person, a consumer of tennis sees in the problems that need urgent attention.  If you love tennis and I know most of you do, I encourage you to watch the long version and maybe have a choice of sharing one or the other with those who may benefit or with those that may do something.

The more people see and hear the more we can help. Because tennis in America will die if it continues to be managed this way and personally I find that unacceptable for all of those who love tennis and specially those kids in their learning stages. Please share if you agree. All comments are welcome.

I can be reached at or @palenquej

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The Business Case for USTA to Keep the Game from Dying — 2 Comments

  1. Great Thinking! I hope you get to make your presentation to the USTA. I was once a part of it and argued unsuccessfully, as you are trying to do, that the mission is to grow the game, which is not the same as making pros.

  2. Thank you Jim
    If you can share the article to anyone who may help please do. One thing is the US open. We know that is where the cash comes from, another is to grow the game. They have it mixed up. Look at Ostopenko, mom and dad coach from a country the size of Miami. I know we can turn it around I have done it before. Thank you for writing.