How to Find a Good Tennis Coach for a Junior Tennis Player

The following letter came from a tennis parent “Hi!! I am in trouble, need your help in deciding the right coach for my kids. Is yelling and demotivating at every step is a solution to producing a good athlete?? I … Continue reading

Three Things Every Young Athlete Needs to Know in Order to Succeed

Three things every young athlete needs to know in order to succeed 1. The Mind is everything. It can be your best friend or your biggest enemy. When you choose to act, think and stay positive, especially during pressure situations … Continue reading

Importance of Practice Matches

Importance of Practice Matches How many times have you seen a junior with perfect strokes losing to someone who has less than perfect technique? I have been in tennis for over 25 years as both a player and coach and … Continue reading

The Right Coach, at the Right Time  

There are many moments in a junior tennis player’s career that are of vital importance. The transition between under 12’s and under 14’s is one of those. During this period there are many obstacles that need to be overcome if … Continue reading

How Do You Learn?

One thing that is very important as a coach or teacher, is to understand how your pupils, students or players learn best. If I was to go back to my early days as a coach, I would never teach anyone … Continue reading