Developing Sports Kid

Youth Development: My Five Key Guidelines when it comes to developing sports kid: I believe that the single biggest mistake made in kids coaching and the developing of a young athlete is that the fundamentals are not taught well enough and … Continue reading

Great Coaches Are Great Demonstrators

Back in 2013, I was invited to attend a 3-day basketball clinic held at the Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon. It was a coaching clinic for mostly coaches of high school and colleges. Besides not being the most ‘gifted’ or … Continue reading

‘Fix it’ Coaches

‘Fix it’ Coaches – Why real change can’t happen until there is first trust Something that I often notice in the coaching world is that us coaches just love to ‘fix things’. We start with an athlete or team and … Continue reading

Finding Talent!

I think the heading of this article is very provocative in itself as what we define as ‘talent’ can mean so many things. Usually this term is associated with finding young tennis players who have good potential to develop further … Continue reading

Recognising the Situation

Recognising the situation I’ve had a few weeks to think about this article and during that time I have tried to look at my players and others to identify certain aspects of ‘Recognising the situation’. In tennis, this term is … Continue reading