Davis Cup Champions…Where Do We Go from Here?

First we had the answer to the annually asked question of ‘When will we have a British Wimbledon Champion?’ in July 2014 and now we have an answer to British success in the Davis Cup! British tennis is buzzing with … Continue reading

Serbian Tennis Team Beats U.S. Tennis Team in Davis Cup Quartefinal

As you know American tennis team lost to Serbia in a Davis Cup quarterfinal today. I discussed the results of that match with a tennis coach. Djokovic twisted his ankle in the beginning of the match and took anti-inflammatory drug … Continue reading

Discussing USA v Brazil Davis Cup Tennis Match

Discussing USA v Brazil Davis Cup Tennis Match I asked a tennis coach to share his opinion about USA v Brazil Davis Cup tennis match. USA beat Brazil 3-2. The Americans should have been able to win comfortably but they … Continue reading