Which Is the Best Diet for Tennis Players

 Which Is the Best Diet for Tennis Players This article “Revealed: The diet that saved Novak Djokovic” was written by Paul Newman and printed in The Independent, Monday, 19 August 2013. The Serb was suffering regular mid-match collapses, one of … Continue reading

Robert Lansdorp Talks About 10 and Under Tennis

This is an excerpt about 10 and Under Tennis from the USTA site: “Originally developed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring tailored to age and size, 10 and Under Tennis … Continue reading

Women’s Tennis Ranking of Countries

I published “Men’s Tennis Ranking of Countries” last week. I was asked to make the same ranking for women tennis. Methodology remains the same: Position 1 gives 99 points…position 99 gives 1 point.  We see two leaders on women’s tennis … Continue reading

Men’s Tennis Ranking of Countries

Men’s Tennis Ranking of Countries I like statistics. Often it explains something better than thousands words. I analyzed ATP top 100 singles (August, 5) and made countries’ ranking for men tennis. Methodology is very simple: position 1 gives 99 points…position … Continue reading

Maria Sharapova Hired Jimmy Connors, Eight-Time Grand Slam Champion, as Her New Tennis Coach

Two days ago Sharapova said about ending her successful three-year partnership with Thomas Hogstedt. Today she announced that eight-time Grand Slam champion Jimmy Connors will be Hogstedt’s successor:  “I am happy to announce that Jimmy Connors will be my new … Continue reading