Doping in Tennis

Let’s talk about a doping in tennis. Here is an article “Novak Djokovic’s comments in wake of Viktor Troicki ban prove that the tennis family is too dysfunctional” which was written by Simon Briggs and printed in The Telegraph on … Continue reading

Tennis Ranking of Countries on Men’s Side

It is a time to look at the results of 2013 on men’s side. There is  a countries’ ranking on November, 11, 2013.  In comparison with the previous ranking we don’t see any significant changes. Spanish tennis players are the … Continue reading

Chinese Tennis Player Li Na – Unifying Cultures Across the Sporting World

While sport is best known for dividing groups and cultures, there are times when it unites alternative demographics through a mutual goal or aspiration. Take the example of Chinese tennis star Li Na, who has transcended her sport to serve … Continue reading

Which Is the Best Diet for Tennis Players

 Which Is the Best Diet for Tennis Players This article “Revealed: The diet that saved Novak Djokovic” was written by Paul Newman and printed in The Independent, Monday, 19 August 2013. The Serb was suffering regular mid-match collapses, one of … Continue reading

Robert Lansdorp Talks About 10 and Under Tennis

This is an excerpt about 10 and Under Tennis from the USTA site: “Originally developed to bring kids into the game by utilizing specialized equipment, shorter court dimensions and modified scoring tailored to age and size, 10 and Under Tennis … Continue reading