How to Make Players Eat Healthy

Times when real athletes could achieve great results without carefully prepared complex approach are definitely gone. With so high competition around the world it is impossible to skip some areas and get to the top of the tennis world. If … Continue reading

Can We Have a Real Conversation about Tennis Nutrition?

Last week I read an article about the seven foods every tennis player should eat. It was the same age old sports nutrition 101 about eating pasta, chugging Gatorades, having energy chews on hand at all times, and, my all-time … Continue reading

The Man Who Keeps the Top Tennis Players Injury Free

An Interview with Keith Parmenter: The Man in South Florida Who Keeps the Top Tennis Players Injury Free I thought it would be very interesting for you to read about how athletes cure some ailments and how the bodywork specialists … Continue reading

The Injured Athlete: Why a Setback Can Be a Great Opportunity

The injured athlete: Why a setback can be a great opportunity for an even bigger comeback! This is the way I see it, maybe because I’m a total optimist, but I only see injuries as a great opportunity to re-assess … Continue reading

Sport-Based Youth Development

Youth development: 10-year-old’s don’t need to be doing ‘set’ fitness programs 10-year-old kids should not be doing sport specific fitness training. They should rather be playing other fun games & sports to develop their athletic skills. Their ‘fitness training’ should … Continue reading