Three Things Every Young Athlete Needs to Know in Order to Succeed

Three things every young athlete needs to know in order to succeed 1. The Mind is everything. It can be your best friend or your biggest enemy. When you choose to act, think and stay positive, especially during pressure situations … Continue reading

22 Things Brilliant Athletic Coaches Do

22 Things Brilliant Athletic Coaches Do Have a growth mindset. Know their athletes. Keep instructions simple. Teach the fundamentals well and stay close to them. Connect with their athletes. Educate their athletes. Communicate with parents. Listen to their athletes. Lead by … Continue reading

Seven Key Reasons Why the Best Tennis Players Succeed

Seven Key Reasons Why the Best Tennis Players Succeed Every junior tennis player needs to read this: Your ‪success‬ is determined in how you handle the ‘bad’ days. To every junior athlete/ tennis player out there, the sooner you can … Continue reading

Fourteen Principles of Mental Toughness in Tennis

1. Mental toughness can only be taught by someone who is mentally tough. 2. There is nothing on the web about mental toughness of any value. It is all pop psychology or pseudo psychology. 3. Most people can learn to … Continue reading

Champions Might Fail from Time to Time, but They Never Quit

Champions might fail from time to time, but they never quit. They simply keep on trying until they get it right. When you are on a mission to achieve something, there will always be the critics, naysayers and those who … Continue reading