Demystifying Mental Toughness

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Why You Should not Aim for a Fun Tennis Journey 

A lot of aspiring professional tennis players have this romantic idea that along your tennis journey, you will feel joy all the way through. They think that you should not lose the joy of tennis, and that if you do, … Continue reading

Thinking Positive under Extreme Pressure – Come On!?

Thinking positive under extreme pressure – come on!? A lot of kids who play tennis are often told to just think positively. You know, how hard can it be!? To be honest, I do think that positive psychology is working … Continue reading

Tennis is NOT 80 % mental

This post was written by Adam Blicher, international award winning tennis coach. I often hear that the mental aspect is the most important performance parameter within tennis. Some people even go the extent of saying that the mental aspect of tennis … Continue reading

Use Your Mind to Improve Your Tennis Game

Psychology plays an important role in tennis and pretty much every other sport. It takes not only physical but a lot of mental effort to reach your pinnacle performance level. Sport psychology is a science, well researched and established. It … Continue reading