The First Thing Young Tennis Players Must Be Taught When Playing Against a Better Player

The comment below was made by Scott on the article “Want to Know the Biggest Mistake in Modern Day Coaching?”  I found the comment very interesting and decided to publish it as a new post. The first thing young tennis … Continue reading

How to Become the Most Positive Person

21 ways to becoming the most positive person you know. 1. Approach new situations with an open mind – try not to prejudge. 2. Try everything new at least once, and then probably a few more times just to make sure. … Continue reading

22 Things Brilliant Athletic Coaches Do

22 Things Brilliant Athletic Coaches Do 1. Have a growth mindset. 2. Know their athletes. 3. Keep instructions simple. 4. Teach the fundamentals well and stay close to them. 5. Connect with their athletes. 6. Educate their athletes. 7. Communicate with … Continue reading

The Mental Battle Behind the Tennis Game

The mental battle behind the tennis game This post was written by Diana Chalikov, owner at DCTP Tennis &Fitness. Many young tennis players and their parents believe whole heartedly that as long as they practice, practice and practice some more, … Continue reading

Resiliency in sports

Resiliency in sports Resiliency in sports is one of the key mental attributes an individual or team player must have. The ability to come back from behind, to fight fiercely until the last second of the game or last point … Continue reading