The Best Tennis Academies in America

The Best Tennis Academies in America This article is written for parents of junior tennis players hoping for college scholarships or even a professional career. My very first advice is to look for a private tennis coach who suits your … Continue reading

Discussion about an ideal tennis academy

We continue a discussion about ideal tennis academy. Here is an opinion of Alex Yep 2, founder and Instructor of Physio Technical Tennis at Physio Technical Tennis: “Yes, it is possible. A matter of fact , I think there is … Continue reading

Ideal tennis academy. Is it possible?

I decided to publish this reply from Mike Erwin as a separate post. Join the discussion and express your opinions. I disagree with the idea that a great tennis player automatically makes a great coach. I do believe those ex-players … Continue reading

How to Create an Ideal Tennis Academy?

Let’s continue to discuss tennis academies and development of strong tennis players. So, there are more than  40 tennis academies in USA that provide full time boarding for their students, from the giant Nick Bollettieri tennis academy with 500+ tennis … Continue reading

Choosing a Tennis Academy

Before you send your kid to a tennis academy, just ask yourself, why? Why does your tennis player need a tennis academy? I guess these are some possibilities: 1. The player is really gifted by nature. He is born for … Continue reading