How Much Do Professional Tennis Coaches Make?

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Robert Lansdorp Writes to Patrick McEnroe

I am happy that my career started a long time ago. And my last Champion was Maria Sharapova, a Russian who had nothing to do with the USTA. I think they were trying to make her an American so the … Continue reading

The Response of Robert Lansdorp to The Comments on His Article

Robert Lansdorp asked me to publish his response to the comments on his previous article “Opinion of the Famous Tennis Coach Robert Lansdorp about American Tennis”. Valery, what the hell happened? I wrote a not in-depth article and have some … Continue reading

Choosing a Tennis Camp for Junior Tennis Player

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The best tennis club for junior tennis players in the U.S.

I continue to write about the best tennis programs for junior tennis players. I found that the most successful tennis coaches/programs do not advertise. But how tennis parent can discover them? Because only a few coaches can say that they … Continue reading