A Simple Cure

I had to retire from the finals of the Irish Junior National Championship Finals when I was 18. This was a huge deal to me at the time, and it should have been the impetus for some changes in my … Continue reading

Tennis Is One of the Most Physically Demanding Sport

Male students often arrive at our place in horrible poor physical shape. I have inquired about this and they reveal that they are discouraged from participating in any physically demanding activity for fear that it will be too much for … Continue reading

Importance of Periodization for Development of Tennis Players

There were more injuries and pull outs in the Australian Open this year than any other slam. With the season having been shortened to give the players more rest, surely there should be less injuries you would think? Over eagerness … Continue reading

How to Prevent Injures in Tennis

How to Prevent Injures in Tennis Recently, famous Belorussian tennis player Max Mirnyi, former #1 in doubles, conducted a practice session in Minsk, Belarus at his tennis center. At the beginning of the event Max shared a secret of his … Continue reading

Don’t Train Like a Tennis Professional

Don’t Train Like a Tennis Professional The biggest mistake tennis coaches and players can make is coping what professional tennis players do. The problem with copying what the tennis pro’s do: When I see a video or piece that says: … Continue reading