Training movement

Training movement isn’t only about speed and agility, it’s about teaching the athlete to anticipate and react quicker. Believe it or not, the most important element in creating a great mover in sport is actually developed and trained between the … Continue reading

Tennis Is One of the Most Physically Demanding Sport

Male students often arrive at our place in horrible poor physical shape. I have inquired about this and they reveal that they are discouraged from participating in any physically demanding activity for fear that it will be too much for … Continue reading

Thirty things I’ve learnt – Advice for young coaches

Thirty things I’ve learnt – Advice for young coaches I’m in my 20th year of coaching. I started whilst still in school actually. My first job was cleaning the restrooms and floor at a gym above the restaurant I waitered … Continue reading

A Good Tennis Player Needs Good Stability

Those who follow my method of training will know that I’m big on a few things like hips, single leg strength, ankle stability, uni-lateral, balance and stability. To improve your agility, speed and power, you need good stability. If you … Continue reading

More is not better. Smarter is better

More is not better. Smarter is better You see the problem is this: They cut the season shorter in order to cut down on burnout and injuries. The result: Athletes start their pre-season training earlier, not fully recovered, some still … Continue reading