Unilateral Strength Training for the Athlete

Sometimes the most effective forms of training an athlete are the simplest. Walk into most gyms and sports performance centers and you will see majority of people doing leg exercises either seated (leg press), or with both feet on the … Continue reading

Training movement

Training movement isn’t only about speed and agility, it’s about teaching the athlete to anticipate and react quicker. Believe it or not, the most important element in creating a great mover in sport is actually developed and trained between the … Continue reading

Thirty things I’ve learnt – Advice for young coaches

Thirty things I’ve learnt – Advice for young coaches I’m in my 20th year of coaching. I started whilst still in school actually. My first job was cleaning the restrooms and floor at a gym above the restaurant I waitered … Continue reading

A Good Tennis Player Needs Good Stability

Those who follow my method of training will know that I’m big on a few things like hips, single leg strength, ankle stability, uni-lateral, balance and stability. To improve your agility, speed and power, you need good stability. If you … Continue reading

More is not better. Smarter is better

More is not better. Smarter is better You see the problem is this: They cut the season shorter in order to cut down on burnout and injuries. The result: Athletes start their pre-season training earlier, not fully recovered, some still … Continue reading