Are Sports Doctors and Physiotherapists qualified to write training programs?

Why is it that some sports doctors and physiotherapists feel they are also experts in the field of sports performance training? In my opinion, if you haven’t done at least 10 years in the field you are trying to give … Continue reading

The Curse of Multimedia and the Internet in the Coaching Industry

The Curse of Multimedia and the Internet in the Coaching Industry I actually never do this, but thought I’d have a look on YouTube today at coaching drills, exercises, tip etc.. Wow, that’s all I can say! Just astonished by … Continue reading

Don’t Train Like a Tennis Professional

Don’t Train Like a Tennis Professional The biggest mistake tennis coaches and players can make is coping what professional tennis players do. The problem with copying what the tennis pro’s do: When I see a video or piece that says: … Continue reading

Importance of Periodization for Development of Tennis Players

There were more injuries and pull outs in the Australian Open this year than any other slam of 2013. With the season having been shortened to give the players more rest, surely there should be less injuries you would think? … Continue reading

Yoga and peak performance in tennis

This article is written by Dr. Robert Heller, a psychologist, sport psychology consultant and USPTA tennis teaching professional based in Boca Raton, Fl. He is the author of the mental conditioning CD-ROM program, TENNISMIND. You can reach him at … Continue reading