Are Sports Doctors and Physiotherapists qualified to write training programs?

Why is it that some sports doctors and physiotherapists feel they are also experts in the field of sports performance training? In my opinion, if you haven’t done at least 10 years in the field you are trying to give … Continue reading

Yoga and peak performance in tennis

This article is written by Dr. Robert Heller, a psychologist, sport psychology consultant and USPTA tennis teaching professional based in Boca Raton, Fl. He is the author of the mental conditioning CD-ROM program, TENNISMIND. You can reach him at … Continue reading

How Important is Tennis Specific Fitness?

How Important is Tennis Specific Fitness? One more article about tennis fitness is written by Suzanna McGee. Suzanna is a former Ms Natural Olympia bodybuilding champion, currently nationally ranked tennis player and athletic trainer with focus on sport conditioning and … Continue reading

Special Training for Tennis Players

Today I’d like to talk about conditioning for tennis.This is an article about special training for tennis players. It is written by Diana D. Chalikov and Robert A. Walker from The Zen Tennis and Fitness Team. The importance of cross-training … Continue reading