Doubles – the game of pressure

Doubles. Who doesn’t love to play this game? Four players on the court. Wider playing area. Possibility to run less, play more volleys and win even if the opponents could easily beat you in singles. It all looks really simple … Continue reading

A Simple Cure

I had to retire from the finals of the Irish Junior National Championship Finals when I was 18. This was a huge deal to me at the time, and it should have been the impetus for some changes in my … Continue reading

Understanding the Game of Tennis

All too often while watching junior or collegiate tennis players play matches, it is very difficult to figure out what is trying to be accomplished on the court in a tournament or collegiate match. The best tennis players know exactly … Continue reading

Can mobile phone help juniors in tennis?

Every day counts. What was great 10 years ago now it is called „obsolete”. You can have your own opinion about different subjects but the truth is that if you want to move forward you have to accept new technologies. … Continue reading

Time Lag Between “Knowing” and “Doing”

A long and complex mathematical computation may take several trials to complete. Each trial is a practice run at getting it right. The combination of trial followed by “gestation” can take as much as three days. After three days there … Continue reading