Time Lag Between “Knowing” and “Doing”

A long and complex mathematical computation may take several trials to complete. Each trial is a practice run at getting it right. The combination of trial followed by “gestation” can take as much as three days. After three days there … Continue reading

Playing Your ‘Super Star’ Kid Up an Age Group – Good or Bad?

Here’s one area that comes up quite a bit in my field. It’s a question I get asked especially from the parents of ‘star’ kids. This usually comes from parents of kids around the ages of 9-12 years. “Should my … Continue reading

Why Does the USTA Expect to Create a Number One Player?

It seems every week we read something about the USTA that is bad or some article published by either the WSJ or the NYT that assures or reaffirms the demise of American tennis. As an avid tennis fan, father of … Continue reading

Want to Know the Biggest Mistake in Modern Day Coaching?

Want to know the biggest mistake in modern day coaching? – It’s ‘Over coaching’. Here’s 5 things that lead to over coaching: ‪ 1. Over explaining something that is actually simple to understand. 2. Trying to add on another thing … Continue reading

Fourteen Principles of Mental Toughness in Tennis

1. Mental toughness can only be taught by someone who is mentally tough. 2. There is nothing on the web about mental toughness of any value. It is all pop psychology or pseudo psychology. 3. Most people can learn to … Continue reading