Caroline Wozniacki’s Groundstrokes

There is Caroline Wozniacki’s forehand and backhand. Though Caroline Wozniacki is not super-strong like Serena Williams, but her tennis technique is very good. I like this drill. … Continue reading

How to Hit a Lob Shot in Tennis

How to hit a lob shot in tennis The lob is one of the most underused shots in tennis. It can be effective offensively or defensively. If you are in a good position to hit a passing shot, the offensive … Continue reading

Increasing Power on the Tennis Court with Your Forehand

Increasing power on the tennis court with your forehand For most tennis players, professional or recreational, the forehand is the most natural shot to hit. Over the years, plenty of male players have possessed powerful forehands and dominated the game … Continue reading

How to Identify Young Talented Tennis Players

Parents often ask tennis coaches: “Do you think my kid can become a tennis pro?” Coaches often answer along the lines of: “Every good tennis player has a chance…a player should train and play hard…if a kid wants to be … Continue reading

Is Serve and Volley Still Alive?

Is Serve and Volley Still Alive? I try to understand why do so few players add the serve and volley to their game, virtually none of the top players?  This style definitely seems be the easiest, surest way to win … Continue reading