Please Let the Coach, Coach

A kind reminder to all sports parents out there: “Please let the coach, coach.” One of the topics I touch on in my seminars for parents, is about the importance of there only being one voice when instructions are being … Continue reading

A Better Way to Keep Score

A Better Way to Keep Score Last month, I had the pleasure of learning first hand from a 30 year veteran tennis coach from Spain, Oscar Borras. He leads the new wave of Spanish tennis coaches who are trying to … Continue reading

Playing Tennis Matches

I think that playing tennis matches and tournaments is very important. Maria Sharapova, however, did not play a lot of junior tournaments. Some parents will send their kids all over the place to play tennis tournaments. Be very careful, because … Continue reading

Tennis Parents Need Advice from Experienced Tennis Coaches, Parents, Players

I received this email from Gary, a tennis parent. He asks about help with a development of a talented tennis player. There is the letter: “I was wondering if you could point me in the direction of some kind of … Continue reading

Why I Want My Kid to Lose in Tennis

Why I want my kid to lose in tennis A couple of months ago, a fellow parent and I were sitting at a final in a 12U tennis tournament In Boca Raton, Florida. As the match started and was getting … Continue reading