A Letter from a Tennis Mom

This letter was written by a tennis mom The best website I ever came across when I started taking my daughters’ tennis endeavours seriously is Tennis Consult. I have 2 daughters I thought were good players. My junior ended up as … Continue reading

Advice for Tennis Parents

Advice for Tennis Parents Junior tennis players are influenced by the actions, opportunities and feedback received from their parents. It is sometimes difficult for tennis parents to know what and how they should communicate with their child to best support … Continue reading

All Sports Parents Must Read this

All Sports Parents Must Read this Three interesting things college and elite athletes list as their worst memories playing sports growing up: 1. What was your worst experience as a child playing sports? The drive back from a game/match. My parent/s wanting … Continue reading

Kids Want to Have Fun

Kids want to have fun! Fact is: Not every kid who plays a sport well wants to be a world beater one day. They just want to have fun! A lot of the times as adults, we think that just … Continue reading

Three Ways to Help Grow Your Child’s Passion in Their Sport

Three ways to help grow your child’s passion in their sport 1. Always go back and remember why your child first started playing a sport – Fun. This is something we as parents and coaches need to keep in mind, especially … Continue reading