Discussion of post Choosing a tennis racquet

I received a lot of comments on post “Choosing a tennis racquet” with Bruce Levine. I published here some comments and hope you find them informative and interesting. Steve Benson: “Choosing a racquet is a very personal choice regardless of … Continue reading

Choosing a Tennis Racquet

Choosing a Tennis Racquet We continue to discuss with Bruce Levine, Technical Adviser for Tennis Magazine and tennis.com for racquets and strings, how to choose a right tennis racquet. Q.: There are a lot of brands on the market: Babolat, … Continue reading

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet

I made this interview with Bruce Levine. Bruce is the tennis racquet technical advisor for Tennis Magazine. Bruce, you have huge experience with tennis racquet testing and tennis string testing. Why and when did you start to do that? I … Continue reading