Spain, France and the U.S. on the Top of Countries Tennis Ranking (ATP)

The new tennis season 2015 is just around the corner. Let’s look at the final countries tennis ranking on the men’s side in 2014. As we can see, there are two world leaders Spain and France. American tennis players moved … Continue reading

An Open Letter to USTA! Three Easy Things to Improve American Tennis

An open letter to David A. Haggerty, Chairman of the Board, CEO and President of USTA and other USTA executives. Yesterday, I was returning to Miami from a week long business trip to Asia. Usually, one has plenty of time … Continue reading

Why Does the USTA Expect to Create a Number One Player?

It seems every week we read something about the USTA that is bad or some article published by either the WSJ or the NYT that assures or reaffirms the demise of American tennis. As an avid tennis fan, father of … Continue reading

The First Thing Young Tennis Players Must Be Taught When Playing Against a Better Player

The comment below was made by Scott on the article “Want to Know the Biggest Mistake in Modern Day Coaching?”  I found the comment very interesting and decided to publish it as a new post. The first thing young tennis … Continue reading

The Future of American Tennis and The Role of USTA

We want to share with you our discussion with  Aaron Gross, Head Men’s Tennis Coach at University of Portland. We had a talk about the situation with American tennis and the article “McEnroe’s Successor at U.S.T.A. Needs to Hit the Court Running” in … Continue reading