Look at Countries Tennis Ranking on the Men’s Side

It is a right time to look at the top 10 in the countries’ ranking on the men’s tennis.

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The following results are on July, 7, 2014. As we can see, there are two world leaders Spain and France followed by Germany,  Argentina and Czech Republic. Switzerland, with two great players Roger Federer and Stanislas Wawrinka in top 100, is on the seventh position. The U.S. men’s tennis has six players, but all of them, except N 12 John Isner, are out of top 50.

Rank Country Points Players
1 Spain 797 14
2 France 595 12
3 Germany 287 7
4 Argentina 283 6
5 Czech Republic 243 4
6 USA 236 6
7 Switzerland 193 2
8 Croatia 196 3
9 Russia 185 4
10 Canada 166 3

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Look at Countries Tennis Ranking on the Men’s Side — 4 Comments

  1. So what’s your point? Do you think the future is brighter for Switzerland when compared to the US? Long term, I’m likin’ red, white and blue.

    • The future is brighter for Spain, France and Germany. As concerns the US tennis, when American players will be out of top 50, may be something will start to change. Switzerland is not a big tennis country, but they can develop their talented kids into champions.

        • Paul,
          I analyzed ATP top 100 singles on July 7, 2014 and made countries’ ranking for men tennis. Methodology is very simple: position 1 gives 99 points…position 99 gives 1 point. I also included information about a quantity of tennis players from top 100.