Discussing Australian Open 2013. Who Will Win in Melbourne?

I asked a tennis coach to express his opinion about Australian Open 2013.

Serena Williams lost and Sloane Stephens won at Australian Open 2013. Will Serena be able to make a revenge?

Sloane Stephens. Australian Open 2013

Serena couldn’t play after she hurt her back. That’s not a permanent injury, and she remains the player to beat in all but the French, where Serena will probably still be the favorite.

What do you think about Serena Williams behavior (she smashed the racquet but it did not help)?

Serena was frustrated at a matter she could not control. The racquet smashing should have helped Sloane Stephen’s confidence.

Who will win Victoria Azarenka or Sloane Stephen? (The match just started). Who is your favorite for the main trophy and why?

Sloane Stephens is legitimate, though I think her serve may be limited by her height. I doubt she is ready for Azarenka, but Li Na could be. She was convincing in her match with Maria Sharapova, and is quick enough to run down Vika Azarenka’s bombs. I still have to go with Azarenka, but not by much.

Roger Federer defeated Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, but it took 5 sets. Does Roger Federer have a chance against Andy Murray? Is Novak Djokovic still the best on the men side? Who will win Australia Open 2013?

On the men, if I had a dollar to bet, I would put 34 cents on Novak Djokovic and 33 cents on Roger Federer and Andy Murray because they have to play each other. A big hitter like Tsonga can beat anyone in a match, but can’t put it together enough to win a major.

Your general opinion about the start of new season? Will we see new talented players in this year?

Li Na isn’t new, but her confidence is new. And Sloane Stephens will be around for a long time. That’s enough for one year.

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