Discussing USA v Brazil Davis Cup Tennis Match

Discussing USA v Brazil Davis Cup Tennis Match

I asked a tennis coach to share his opinion about USA v Brazil Davis Cup tennis match.

USA beat Brazil 3-2. The Americans should have been able to win comfortably but they almost lost. They played at home, and after the first day everything looked perfect. Why did the Bryan brothers and john Isner lose to less experienced players?

I didn’t watch the matches or follow the scores, but as the saying goes, that’s why they play the game. The Bryan brothers may be the best doubles team in the world, but I doubt they would beat McEnroe Fleming or Laver Emerson. It’s been a long time since the top singles players competed in doubles.


What do you think about Jim Courier, captain of the United States Davis Cup team?

The Davis Cup captain probably has very little to do with how the team plays, other than providing moral support and perhaps a few tips. Jim Courier is bright, well-spoken, and was one of the hardest workers of his era. I don’t think we could have picked anyone more qualified.

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