Discussing The Possible Winners at Roland Garros 2014

We continue to discuss possible winners at Roland Garros – French Open 2014with a tennis coach.

Murray Andy

Ernests Gulbis continues to surprise everybody. He has played very confident at this Roland Garros. Is he a real threat for Novak Djokovic?

Yesterday I heard the announcer say that Gulbis had one of the three best backhands in the world. He is playing the best backhand of all time. His booming serve cut up Tomas Berdych. He is playing the best returner of this century. Add in movement, intelligence, fitness and mental toughness. I give him no chance to beat Djokovic.

Look at another upcoming semifinal. Andy Murrey – Gael Monfils. Actually, Monfils also has played great in Paris, and he is at home. Do you think he is able to win over Murrey?

Monfils is a great athlete but mentally soft. Murray is not. I’d be surprised if Monfils wins, less surprised if he takes a set.

Rafael Nadal looks great. He should win David Ferrer. Do you agree?

Ferrer is the second best clay court player out there, if you don’t count Djokovic as a true clay court player. That’s why he’s beaten Nadal once on clay. I’m looking for Nadal-Djokovic to be a match for the ages.

On the women’s side, Svetlana Kuznetsova plays great! A few people expected her to reach quarterfinals. What is your expectation about her match against Simona Halep?

Kuznetzova may have returned from the dead, but Halep is on the rise, so I’ll go with her.

Cannot wait to watch all these matches and especially Bouchard – Sharapova. Do you think Genie Bouchard has some chances?

Maria Sharapova showed why you have to beat her in straight sets. I don’t think Genie Bouchard is good enough to do that.

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