How to Find a Good Tennis Camp for a Junior Tennis Player

Do you want to send your kid to a tennis camp? Generally, it is a good idea. During summer or winter vacation, your tennis player has more time for tennis development and for having fun. I am sure that if your child is a USTA member, then you have found a lot of ads in your mailbox and probably your email. This is my advice about choosing the right tennis camp for a junior tennis player.

Most tennis clubs and tennis academies conduct tennis camps during the summer months. This is a “golden time” for them, because many parents want to give their children an opportunity to play tennis during the day and have them enjoy a friendly and sportive atmosphere. So, parents are ready to pay more money during the summer than during school time. I analyzed some of the current prices of tennis clubs and tennis academies. Five days for a non-boarding program at a tennis academy ranges from $700 to $1200. If you also send your player to a boarding program, add from $300 to $400 to the non-boarding price. These would be the prices for one week, but if you sign a contract for more time, you can probably get a discount of about 10% or more.Tennis clubs have more affordable rates like $150 a week for one session (2 hours) a day, or $250 a week for the whole day.

You are the parent and make sure you do your homework before finalizing where you are sending your kid off to. If you want to use your kid’s time at tennis camps for his development as a tennis player, be very careful and make sure that he/she would be trained by a certain tennis coach, whom you trust completely. Here is a link to the article How to find a good tennis coach.

My advice is to not send your kid to a boarding tennis program if he/she is younger than 14 years old. If you do that, please make sure that the supervision over your child is very qualitative and responsible. Read the contract very carefully and do not hesitate to ask questions. Remember that your kid and his/her health are much more important than everything else. If you have time, visit the tennis camp (like a secret shopper) during the day without preliminary notice and watch what’s going on the courts.

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