Interview with John Evert, Evert Tennis Academy

My interview with John Evert, internationally renowned tennis coach and Evert Tennis Academy Director.

John Evert

What is the most important thing in Roger Federer play? Why he was able to win 16 Grand Slams? If someone can overreach it in future?

First and foremost, Roger Federer has been able to avoid injury. One of Roger Federer’s biggest weapons in his mind. Federer’s mental toughness provides him the edge that the majority of players do not have. Combined with his world-class talent, Federer’s mental approach, discipline and shot making ability make him among the world’s elite. It will be a tough task for someone to overcome Federer’s records, but only time will tell.

Why US tennis players lost their leadership in world tennis? What are main reasons for that?

American culture has changed – too many distractions for young kids. Global competition has become stronger. Tennis is the #2 or #3 sport in most countries, but for the USA it is much farther down the list.

Many juniors from 12 years old train from 20 and more hours a week. Many tennis academies in the world as well as in USA offer schedule for juniors like 20-25 hours a week + tournaments almost every weekend. What do you think about that?

Quality over quantity. It is very difficult to train 5 hours a day, 5 days in a row. Periodization is very important.

What is the best way to find a sponsor for a junior player?

There is no method or formula in finding a sponsor – a lot of it is luck. Of course, you can always send a player to us!

Where is the most optimal contact point, what factors affect it, and what is required in order to hit the ball with that contact point?

A player’s contact point is only as good as his movement. If the athlete’s feet and legs are not behind the ball, the contact point will be too far in front, to the side, or behind the player. Every player may have a different contact point based on their grip. Players with a western grip must be more precise with a contact point out in front.

What are your three advice to junior tennis players?

Tunnel vision, especially once that player experiences success. Trust that your hard work will pay off. Set goals that are achievable… once achieved, set the bar higher.

Thank you John for the interview and good luck to you and your tennis players!

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