A Letter from a Junior Tennis Player

I received this letter from a junior tennis player from Mexico. Please express your opinion or give advice to the author. Thanks.

Hello, I’m 16 years old and I live in Mexico City. So I wanted to asked former advice because I don’t really know what else to try or who else to ask.

I have been playing tennis for almost 5 years and since the beginning I felt in love with tennis. I have trained by almost 4 coaches here in Mexico City in that period of time.

The thing is that I really want to be a pro, play different tournaments and prove that Mexico has good tennis players. I have asked my coaches and my parents to give me the chance to play in tournaments but they just don’t let me they tell me that I don’t have the experience enough to make it.

But I know I can, I try my best to be better every day I train every day even if it’s by myself on the gym, hitting on the walk, trying to make a faster serve but they just don’t listen to me.

And in all the years that I’ve been playing I never meet a coach that actually cares about what I tell them (about wanting to be the best) or they don’t want to train me seriously, they don’t want me to serve aces or hitting winners.

Going to another state is not an option and I am getting frustrated about this situation so I hope you can give me some advice.
Thanks for your time.

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A Letter from a Junior Tennis Player — 1 Comment

  1. Get in touch with the Mexican tennis federation and ask for a list of pros around DF nid call one and ask for a tryout. No coach will turn down a really good and driven pupil and ask them to be honest with you . At around 15 most good pros can give you a clue about how ready you are and how you might compare to other players your age that eventually became pros