Notes and Observations from the US Open

Today’s key Notes and Observations from the US Open – Roger’s warm up and Serena’s practice

Notes and Observations from the US openA lot of you who follow the page will know I like to watch practices and especially see warm-ups and the things that are not normally noticed as much.

Well this morning the first player who was on the court was Serena Williams practicing and it’s true what they say about the best athletes, they’re out early working the hardest!

For any of you have not seen Serena practice, it is always intense and all business. Her coach Patrick is a world-class coach and mentor.

One thing that is evident is that Serena practices as she plays – something I am a firm believer in.

Around about half an hour later Roger Federer arrived on the next court. Having seen a lot of Rogers practices and being on the same court with him ( with players I’ve worked with) his practices are always relaxed and all about rhythm and timing.

A little later Roger was warming up in the gym for his match and one distinct thing is that his pre match warm ups are very detailed and very intense, his warm-up is around about half an hour of bands and short explosive movement.

Again another area I am big on is purposeful warm-ups that have you warm and feeling explosive the minute you get on the court.

Roger in my opinion is one of the fastest and best starters of the game.
He walks onto the court red hot!

Talking about hot, the weather this afternoon has heated up considerably.
The afternoon matches between 3 and 5 pm are the most humid, so extra fluid vital.

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