School and Junior Tennis Players

School and Junior Tennis Players

Steve JohnsonNever gives up school, even if your kid plays US Open at 15 years old, like Michael Chang. The chance that your kid will reach TOP 50 and begin to make money playing professional tennis is slim, a bit more than 0%. The probability to become a good lawyer, medical doctor or some other good professional is so much higher.

Sometimes I hear from tennis parents something like “…it doesn’t matter, if my kid does not reach professional level, he can work as a tennis coach…” I think that belief comes from a misunderstanding that a good tennis coach and a good tennis player are the same thing. Not all good tennis players succeed while working as tennis coaches.

We’ll never know how many junior tennis players quit school because they wanted to become pro players, but never succeeded.  But it is a very clear fact that the quantity of those who failed is a hundred times more than of those who were able to make money as a pro.

Sam Querrey graduated high school before making a decision to become a pro. James Blake went to Harvard for two years, while John Isner went to University of Georgia. They were very responsible in making their decision.

USTA recommends, and I completely support this recommendation, that kids do not give up education and become a pro until they are able to compete with TOP 100 tennis players.

Good education and good tennis skills are a better start for adult life than only tennis skills. If you have your own interesting experience about how to combine tennis and school for a good tennis player share it on the blog.

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