The Perspective of Serve and Volley in Modern Tennis

We have discussed  why serve and volley is unpopular among modern players in the article Is serve and volley still alive? One blog’s reader said: “To serve and volley at the professional level (and be successful) an individual would have to … Continue reading

Tennis Parents and their Role in Developing Tennis Players

The article “Staying Out of the Way” was written by Nick Bollettieri, 4 December 2013 and published on I started teaching tennis in the mid 1950s. Not a day goes by where my mind doesn’t say, “here we go … Continue reading

Is Serve and Volley Still Alive?

Is Serve and Volley Still Alive? I try to understand why do so few players add the serve and volley to their game, virtually none of the top players?  This style definitely seems be the easiest, surest way to win … Continue reading

Top Junior Tennis Academies in the U.S

Top Junior Tennis Academies in the U.S I know that the merits of a tennis academy are huge, especially for talented players who need absolute focus and immersion in the game. Whilst I may be more in favor of a … Continue reading

Tactical myths in tennis. Part two

There is another excerpt about myths in tennis. From Nick Saviano’s book Maximum Tennis. Never change a winning game This is a semi-myth. If you’re winning, you don’t want to change your game, but you better have some variety in … Continue reading