College Tennis Coach Reality Checks

Throughout my years of collegiate coaching, I listened to many bold statements from players, and I learned to become increasingly skeptical when I would hear these lines from recruits or players on my team. I would try to decipher whether … Continue reading

What College Tennis Coaches Really Want to See in Your Recruiting Video

What college tennis coaches really want to see in your recruiting video This article was written by Nicolai Nonnenbroich, Assistant Men’s Tennis Coach at James Madison University. Dear future players and parents, Before I get into the subject of recruiting videos and what … Continue reading

What Are College Tennis Coaches Looking for?

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How to Prepare Tennis Video for a College Tennis Coach

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Choosing a College for a Tennis Player

Choosing a College for a Tennis Player There are many ways to find a right college for a tennis player. For example, you can work directly with college tennis coaches or cooperate with consultants. Today I had a pleasure of … Continue reading