Opinions of Tennis Coaches about the Forehand

Opinions of tennis coaches about the forehand, the second most important shot in tennis after the serve I chose more interesting comments on the article “Increasing power on the tennis court with your forehand”.  Hope, you will find them interesting. … Continue reading

Increasing Power on the Tennis Court with Your Forehand

Increasing power on the tennis court with your forehand For most tennis players, professional or recreational, the forehand is the most natural shot to hit. Over the years, plenty of male players have possessed powerful forehands and dominated the game … Continue reading

Interview with Mili Veljkovic, tennis technique expert coach in Partizan Tennis Club. Part 3

Mili Veljkovic continues to answer my previous question: It was not difficult to understand from those answers that as more experienced tennis players are – the tougher clients are and that they want: to see first obvious results as soon … Continue reading

Interview with Taylor Dent, Dent Tennis Academy

I have known famous tennis player and now a tennis coach Taylor Dent at Dent Tennis Academy just for more than one year. I am happy to be his friend and here an interview with Taylor. Q.: Many juniors from … Continue reading