The Future of Roger Federer, Maria Sharapova, and American Men’s Tennis

I asked a tennis coach regarding the future of Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova, and why American men’s tennis continues to fall down. Here are the answers. What do you think about Roger Federer’s play? His results in this year … Continue reading

Is It Possible for Young Tennis Players Who Don’t Play the Modern Style of Tennis to Achieve Great Things?

Is it possible for young tennis players who don’t play the modern style of tennis to achieve great things? I received this question from a concerned mom. I asked a tennis coach to answer it. “I may not be asking … Continue reading

Being Great

What makes someone better than someone else is a huge subject that has endless possibilities and factors that if arranged in a certain combination or occurrence can produce amazing results. When we talk about the tennis greats from the past … Continue reading

David Ferrer Withdrawal Means James Ward Can Go on Good Run

David Ferrer withdrawal means James Ward can go on good run While the withdrawal from Wimbledon of David Ferrer was a hit to fans of the Spaniard, players in his section of the draw will be delighted, particularly his original … Continue reading

Who Will Win Roland Garros – the French Open 2015?

It is the interesting question. Look at the ATP tour first. As we remember, Rafael Nadal has won nine French Open titles since 2005. He only lost in Paris in 2009, when Roger Federer took his sole Roland Garros title. … Continue reading