Playing Up, Is It Value?

We hear tennis coaches claim that playing up is a good learning experience; but, it is? What one does not learn is technique because improving technique requires hitting thousands of the ”same” ball; this will not happen in any match; … Continue reading

Choosing a Tennis Academy

Before you send your kid to a tennis academy, just ask yourself, why? Why does your tennis player need a tennis academy? I guess these are some possibilities: The player is really gifted by nature. He is born for tennis. … Continue reading

A Tennis Academy. What Is It?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “An academy is an institution of higher learning, research, or honorary membership. In the western world academia is the commonly-used term for the collective institutions of higher learning”. As we can see, the definition of … Continue reading

Teach Discipline on the Tennis Court

Teach Discipline on the Tennis Court Making of a champion: Of course it is a lot more complicated than I can explain in this short peace, but maybe soon if I get a book out, I can explain everything in … Continue reading

How to Build Fruitful Cooperation Between Tennis Coaches and USTA Player Development

I received an interesting opinion on the post “Can American Tennis Coaches Develop New Champions With Help of USTA Player Development?” from Ray Brown, PhD. I found his view very thoughtful and decided to publish as a separate article. Read … Continue reading