The Perspective of Serve and Volley in Modern Tennis

We have discussed  why serve and volley is unpopular among modern players in the article Is serve and volley still alive? One blog’s reader said: “To serve and volley at the professional level (and be successful) an individual would have to … Continue reading

Is Serve and Volley Still Alive?

Is Serve and Volley Still Alive? I try to understand why do so few players add the serve and volley to their game, virtually none of the top players?  This style definitely seems be the easiest, surest way to win … Continue reading

The Best Game Of Tennis Ever?

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Interview with Steve Johnson, American Tennis Player

Interview with Steve Johnson, American tennis player I like Steve Johnson’s style of play. I am absolutely sure, he is able to reach top 50 in the next 2 years. Here is my interview with Steve. When did you decide … Continue reading

Talking to a tennis coach

Yesterday I was talking to a tennis coach. He was watching his students play and simultaneously was answering my questions. I found them interesting and decided to share some his answers with you. Q.: Why dozens tennis academies do not … Continue reading