Tennis tips from Nick Saviano

Two o’clock Tuesday tennis tips from Nick Saviano: To our students and friends worldwide, here is a message we can all apply whether on the tennis court or in our every day lives. Nick: Stop trying to guarantee the result…guarantee … Continue reading

Nick Saviano Talks about Tennis

This interview with Nick Saviano by Colette Lewis was posted on Tennis Recruiting Network. Although long considered one of the top developmental coaches in the world, 58-year-old Nick Saviano did not vault into the limelight until 2014, when he became … Continue reading

Discussing Roland Garros 2014

Just yesterday we were discussing with a tennis coach about  who have more chances to win Roland Garros this year. The coach said that Serena Williams was supposed to change her game and play B style  if she wanted to … Continue reading

Who Will Win The Roland Garros 2014?

The Roland Garros 2014 started in Paris and we continue to discuss the tournament with a tennis coach. First, consider chances of American men tennis players. We have only one player in top 50 – John Isner, and a few … Continue reading

Saviano Tennis is the Best Tennis Academy in the U.S.

I am often asked by the readers of the blog “What is the best tennis academy in America?” or “Which tennis academy do you recommend for our kid?” Last year, I tried to answer these questions and  wrote an article … Continue reading