The Importance of Effective Communication

As a Coach or Leader, your tone of voice and how you control it, are 2 crucial ways to whether your message has an impact or not. There’s a great saying that goes like this: “The more you raise your … Continue reading

Ten Essential Things for a Young Athlete

Ten essential things that play a role in how far a young athlete progresses in their athletic career: 1. Quality of Coaching 2. Parental Support 3. Athletic skill level 4. Sport specific skill level 5. Geographical position 6. Financial support … Continue reading

Ten Guidelines to Better Youth Coaching

Are you following these 10 guidelines to better youth coaching? 1. Reward hard work and effort. 2. Keep it fun. 3. Implement specific skills. 4. Implement general athleticism. 5. Keep instructions easy to understand. 6. Don’t compare the better kids … Continue reading

A Better Way to Keep Score

A Better Way to Keep Score Last month, I had the pleasure of learning first hand from a 30 year veteran tennis coach from Spain, Oscar Borras. He leads the new wave of Spanish tennis coaches who are trying to … Continue reading

A Competitive Tennis Player Is Looking for a Summer Job

A competitive tennis player is looking for a summer job in Orange County, CA as a coach assistant/ hitter. Please get in touch via Contact us. Thank you! … Continue reading