What Is The Biggest Challenge Tennis Coaches Face These Days When Working with Kids?

What is the biggest challenge tennis coaches face these days when working with kids? For many it seems tennis parents are the ‘problem’ in kids sport. But are they really? Could it maybe be, that in a lot of cases, … Continue reading

Choosing The Best Tennis Camp for Your Kid

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Why Junior Players Should Stick to Closed Stance

My philosophy on why closed stance MUST be taught in juniors: Let me start with this: Before anyone accuses me of not being a ‘certified tennis coach’, well I am, for 13 years now. Not that it makes me ‘better’, … Continue reading

Tennis Parents – Just Shut Up and Clap

Tennis parents – “Just shut up and clap” (Back by popular demand!) Tennis parents, shut up and clap. That’s right, just shut up and clap. Let the kid has fun. They are not all going to be pro’s. Maybe they … Continue reading

Helping Tennis Parent to Build Successful Relationship With a Tennis Coach

I received the following request from a tennis parent. Let’s consider the situation and help to the parent with building a successful relationship with the tennis coach . Please help. I am a parent of a very talented 9 year … Continue reading