Fitness During Tournaments for Tennis Players Trying to be Elite

This past December I had a discussion with a young touring professional  who was having trouble sustaining his level of fitness during matches on the ATP tour. He had some very good chances to win matches against good players, but … Continue reading

Mastering the Fundamentals – ‘Where the Magic Happens’

Mastering the fundamentals – ‘Where the magic happens’ Ahhhh, I can hear some of you already, “Fundamentals, how boring!”. As I am predominantly known as a movement specialist in the sports performance world, I have always believed that you need to … Continue reading

The Ladder Epidemic. The good, bad and ugly of athletes training on ladders

The Ladder Epidemic. The good, bad and ugly of athletes training on ladders. Lately, there has been a lot of articles and coaches shunning the use of ladders in sports performance and athlete training. So, In true McCaw style, I’m … Continue reading

The Power of Coaching Cues

How many times have we experienced or witnessed a coach giving his or her players cues or instructions, but half the group didn’t understand it? The coach understand what he wants, but the players don’t. What is a “cue”? A … Continue reading

Spend More Time on Your Strengths Than Your Weaknesses

A big mistake I witness in a lot of athletes training is that they spend too much time and energy focusing on their weaknesses instead of building their strengths. Confidence is gained from feeling good about what you are good … Continue reading