Importance of Practice Matches

Importance of Practice Matches How many times have you seen a junior with perfect strokes losing to someone who has less than perfect technique? I have been in tennis for over 25 years as both a player and coach and … Continue reading

Recognising the Situation

Recognising the situation I’ve had a few weeks to think about this article and during that time I have tried to look at my players and others to identify certain aspects of ‘Recognising the situation’. In tennis, this term is … Continue reading

Does Anyone Really Know How to Produce Champions? Part II

Does Anyone Really Know How to Produce Champions? Part II As I mentioned in Part I of this blog, I strongly believe the coaches we need to be celebrating and rewarding are the ones that are finding ways to help … Continue reading

Sport-Based Youth Development

Youth development: 10-year-old’s don’t need to be doing ‘set’ fitness programs 10-year-old kids should not be doing sport specific fitness training. They should rather be playing other fun games & sports to develop their athletic skills. Their ‘fitness training’ should … Continue reading

How to Study Tennis

How to Study Tennis As I have discussed in previous articles, there is a lack of knowledge with American tennis players at all levels, as to how well they understand the game and how well they understand their own game. … Continue reading