What Makes a World Class Tennis Player?

What makes a world class tennis player?    Often I wonder if I could afford XYZ coach or send our kids to ABC academy, that would be a sure  way to make our kids quickly improve and get to the … Continue reading

Interview with Todd Widom, Tennis Coach and Owner of TW Tennis

Here is an interview with Todd Widom. He is a former Top 200 ATP Professional in both singles and doubles. Coach Widom is TennisConsult.com expert and Owner of TW Tennis. When did you start to play tennis? I started at … Continue reading

Should All Tennis Players Be Trained the Same?

Should All Tennis Players Be Trained the Same? How many times do you watch junior tennis players train and all the players are working on the same shot, technique, or tactic? How can a person who is 6′ 4” be … Continue reading

Ten Things Every Parent Should Ask Before They Take on a New Coach for Their Child

Ten things every parent should ask before they take on a new coach for their child: 1. Who has the coach trained? 2. How long have they been coaching/training for? 3. Do they communicate and offer regular feedback to parent? … Continue reading

How to Create a Perfect Tennis Club

Participation, participation, participation! We now have a new focus for British Tennis…Participation! Although I laugh when making that statement as it seems obvious that this is something a governing body should be doing but it is a serious direction that … Continue reading