Want to Know the Biggest Mistake in Modern Day Coaching?

Want to know the biggest mistake in modern day coaching? – It’s ‘Over coaching’. Here’s 5 things that lead to over coaching: ‪ 1. Over explaining something that is actually simple to understand. 2. Trying to add on another thing … Continue reading

Tennis Player Health: Shoulders and Wrists

In my experience, one area a lot of tennis players don’t consider enough is, is investing time and finding the right type of tennis string and tension to use. This is especially evident in juniors tennis players. They spend money … Continue reading

Ten Things that Great Coaches Do

1. Great coaches are great listeners. 2. Great coaches are great motivators. 3. Great coaches don’t just communicate well, they connect. 4. Great coaches are great teachers. 5. Great coaches care. 6. They don’t only teach and coach the sport, … Continue reading

Ten Things a Parent Should Look for When Choosing a Coach for their child

Ten things a parent should look for when choosing a coach for their child: 1. They have experience in the field, especially working with the level your child is at. 2. They are development minded and follow a long term … Continue reading

What is the Best Age to Start Playing Tennis?

What is the Best Age to Start Playing Tennis? We often receive emails from parents who ask us about an advice concerning their child’s tennis development. I think that is a good idea to publish some of the letters. Today … Continue reading