Why Your Child Should Pick Up a Tennis Racquet Today

In a post about a month ago, Javier went over some of the math behind playing tennis. Between tennis club memberships, tennis camps, and tennis lessons, the costs add up quickly. We get it. Tennis can be an expensive sport. … Continue reading

Tennis Player Health: Shoulders and Wrists

In my experience, one area a lot of tennis players don’t consider enough is, is investing time and finding the right type of tennis string and tension to use. This is especially evident in juniors tennis players. They spend money … Continue reading

Discussion of post Choosing a tennis racquet

I received a lot of comments on post “Choosing a tennis racquet” with Bruce Levine. I published here some comments and hope you find them informative and interesting. Steve Benson: “Choosing a racquet is a very personal choice regardless of … Continue reading

How to Choose a Tennis Racquet

I made this interview with Bruce Levine. Bruce is the tennis racquet technical advisor for Tennis Magazine. Bruce, you have huge experience with tennis racquet testing and tennis string testing. Why and when did you start to do that? I … Continue reading